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Now processing truck tyres for 30 years with

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Why use Condron Retreading?

Tyre retreading is a well established industry and one that continues to grow rapidly due to the cost saving opportunities and the quality of retread tyres. There are a number of reasons why long-standing customers of Condron's keep coming back to the service that offers peace of mind:

Our work history and customer service.
Our partnership with Europe's top suppliers.
Our long serving, experienced team.

As an independent company, our many years of experience can better judge the best tyre cases to process. Specialising solely in retreading truck and lorry tyres at Condron's, our tyre retreading operatives are trained, and our machinery and software are at the cutting edge of retreading technology. With this in mind, Condron's combine speed, efficiency and accuracy in all of our work.


Why Retread?

Most of the manufacturing cost of a new tyre is in the production of the tyre body, or casing. Truck tyres are now designed to be capable of more than one tread life. The long life policy will give the purchaser the best value for money return.


Environmental Care

Condron Tyres has all the necessarym permits for all used truck tyre collections as required by regulations.

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Further Information

Contact us on +353 (0)57 9344292 or use our other contact details to ask a question.

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